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Health Insurance, which we also know as Medi claim Policy, is a type of insurance that covers your medical expenses. Under Health Insurance, you can protect yourself and your family from medical expenses by giving a very small amount each year.

Importance of Health Insurance 

Being a doctor, I have seen many people facing ill treatment and financial difficulties because of not having just health insurance. Illness never speaks and in today’s era, heart attacks and diseases like diabetes are also taking people in their grip 25-30 years. It is necessary that you and your family must use the Health Insurance facility to get good medical care of any disease and to avoid accidental burden of medical expenses.

Medical Expenses

Nowadays medical expenses are increasing day by day. Contingency costs of medical care can give a huge setback to our economic planning. Whenever I ask my patients the reason for not taking health insurance, they have the answer that this is a waste of time and they do not have such a big problem that they need to take all this. I have the answer to that, that you can get insurance of 1000 rupees per year for 60 thousand motorcycles, but consider the matter of providing health protection to your family as wasteful. In advanced countries, every person’s health insurance is mandatory. It is not that you have to spend a lot more for this.

For example, if a person is 30 years old and their family has their Bibi and a 3 year old child, then for those three, if they take health insurance of 3 lakh, then they will be paid about 6500 rupees annually You may have to fill out. Even if his family gets sick in even 4 years, his hospital bill will be more than the premium he has paid in such days.

Health Insurance Plan And Term

Health insurance and term plan are two things that every married and earning person must take in order to provide complete protection to their family. In addition to financial and health security, you get income tax exemption for the amount paid for health insurance.

Take care of the following key points related to health insurance :

  1. Automatically fill the form of Health Insurance Agents can fill your wrong information.
  2. There are many different types of health insurance policies. Keep your age and family in mind and choose the appropriate policy. Looking at the agent’s advice, do a good search online and practice different policy features and compare their premiums and purchase the policy for you.
  3. When you buy a Health Insurance policy, there is no claim cover for the first month / 30 days in the first year, but in these days the claim of accident or injury is covered.
  4. For a family it is important to have a policy like Family Floater of less than 3 lakhs.
  5. Complete the information in Health Insurance form and did not hide it after having any history of illness.
  6. Health Insurance for whom they are taking their health history, name, age and birth date date right inside.
  7. Receive information about which disease is not included in health insurance or how many years may be included in insurance. Ex: In the first two years of health insurance, many diseases like hernia, hydroxyl, hemorrhoids and cataracts are not included.
  8. Always keep your health insurance identification card together.
    If you have to be recruited for medical treatment in the hospital, then your health insurance card and photo identity card should be shown to the hospital staff / doctor so that you can get benefit if cashless facility is available.
  9. If there is no cashless facility in the hospital, within 12 hours of the recruitment, Health Insurance company should call the Toll Free number given to the hospital on the back of the card and inform the hospital recruitment. This does not make you difficult at Hospitalization Claim Reimbursement.
  10. All documents sent while claiming / claiming health insurance should be kept xerox copy of them.
    If you have any complaints from your health insurance company or have any problems with the payment, then you can complain / inform it at or call 155255.

Through this article, I am trying to motivate all the readers to take health insurance so that they can avoid the hassle of medical expenses, and there is no problem in getting good treatment for everyone at a difficult time. Ho. My prayer to you that instead of being able to understand this expenditure as a wasteful thing, consider it to be your responsibility!

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