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In this part of today’s life race, the car is becoming an important part of our lives. Everyone believes that the car makes your personal life even easier. But as much as the car takes care of your convenience, do you take care of it as well. Here we do not have to repair the car, insurance is important for you and your family as much as is important for your car. After all, if your car is the result of your hard work, it is also your moral responsibility to take care of its safety. Anyway, car insurance in India has now been made mandatory. But when you buy an insurance policy, you check the entire investigation, but will you do something similar for your car insurance? Insuring a car is a normal process, but knowing some important things related to it becomes extremely important at the time you need to make an insurance claim. Today we will tell you in some of the most important and important things related to car insurance in this article. So let’s get to know the photos through those important things.

What happens is that car insurance 

Car insurance gives you the fullest opportunity to protect your car. If there is an insurance, you can claim the insurance to the company during the loss of any accident or any other car. In turn, your insurance company provides you the amount according to your car losses. It is based on a system.
In India, it is important that according to the Car Insurance Motor Vehicle Act 1988, insurance for every vehicle in India is essential. If you are caught driving without a driver’s insurance, then you will have to pay a winner.

How many types of insurance are

There two types of insurance in ours: 1- Third Party Insurance – In the case of any type of accident in this insurance etc., if the accident is caused by the accident, The company then compensates them. Apart from this, also protects the damage caused to third party vehicles. According to the law it is necessary to keep third party insurance. The company does not cover your loss in this insurance. 2- Comprehensive Insurance – This insurance is comprehensive, in which the insurance holder gets the full claim during the accident. In this there is a driver-cum-operator as well as a third party that means that your vehicle is crashing. The company carries the expenses of both. It is much better, the company compensates the loss of both in this insurance.

What is the need for car insurance

For a better car insurance, give complete information to the person you are insuring. Hiding anything can be fatal for you, especially when you want to claim and do so. Give your insurer the right information about your full details such as your driving history, car user, car details and location etc. Why different premiums between different insurance companies? Every insurance company works with different figures and uses different methods to calculate the premium. Some companies are better in some areas or types, so they are always ready to give discounts in those areas. How is the amount of premium determined? The amount of premium is based on the following points. Year of model construction of the vehicle, instead of registration, the current showroom price of the vehicle is whether the customer is personal or corporate
Can you insure another’s car? Yes, it is not necessary for auto insurance that the insured owner is the owner of the vehicle. If you want to insure someone else’s vehicle etc. in your house then you can do it.
Can I renew my vehicle policy online? Yes, this facility has now become available. You can now renew your vehicle’s insurance online. You can do this within two days of the end of your insurance or within 6 days of the date of termination.
If there is accident in place other than the place issued by Insurance company, then tell you, wherever the accident happens and you have done your vehicle insurance in any city, it does not matter. Your insurance will be valid throughout the country.
Whether the insurance company can pay in Advance Some companies provide such facility, for this, their insurance plans are expensive too. In this case, you are given some money as an endurance before the repair of the car. Or you have to service your car and the insurance company directly pays to the service center. But most companies pay you on the service bill of your car, for that you first have to pay money from you.
How much is the cost after the accident After the company accident, companies carry 50 percent of your car’s towers, headlights, fiber parts or plastic parts. At the same time carries a full 100 percent on the loss of parts of the gloss of the car like the wind shield, gloss etc.
How much will the insurance company have to make when you claim insurance, before that you have to give some money to your said company. If your car is less than the capacity of 1500 cc then you have to pay 500 rupees. If your car is more than the capacity of 1500 cc then you have to give 1000 rupees to the company first.

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